Thursday, September 22, 2011

Life in a Nut Shell

OK well I have had writers block since the begging of time it seems but I am going to try to fix I ! I swear. Right now its 4:22am on this lovely Thursday and I think I'm actually sick physically and mentally dranied . SO much as has been going on its crazy how time flies and life goes by.

Well, Mr. came home on Aug 1st, 2011. After a year of ups and downs, tears and laugh, deployment and re-deployment it was finally over. I couldn't be happier when that day came. My mother-in-law had a difficult time getting down here and I had to work but by 11:oopm he was in my arms and I wasn't letting go.

Got the house all dolled up

ME running

Finally in his arms <3

Hair all messy and makeup ruined but happy

The next few days I had off of work and we spent it actually running errands
getting him situated and back into the routine of the real world. Then before we knew it, it was back to work for the both of us. I stated working at the local mall as a cell phone rep which who would have know but it's not easy work. Due to the fact several units were returning back home August was definitely a busy month for us all.

But between the non stop working at the mall and getting use to having Mr. back home we got a new addition to the family. No, i'm not pregnant but I wouldn't object to the idea ;). Anyway while getting ready for another exciting day at work ( sarcasm inserted here) Brooklyn and Harlem we very excited at what they saw out side ( Barking and growling to be exact) There was a poodle just running around our fence with no leash or tag attached. From the looks of her I could tell she was either lost or abandoned and hungry. I brought her into the backyard where I gave her water and tried to feed her. As I was finishing up with the dog Mr. walked in from pt. Thinking I got him a new puppy he got supper excited and started to play with her. I was definitely not in the mood to take on a new responsibility of another dog, so I told him to take her to the pound on post. There he was told if she wasn't claimed or adopted the pup would be put to sleep. According to Mr. there was nothing he could do but save here. SO three days and $120 later we had a new 4 year old poodle.

Baby Girl

Since time has been flying by, we are getting closer to PCSing to good old Ft. Benning Ga. With PCSing comes packing up and moving as we all know. Well, instead of renting or living on post Mr. and I decided we take our next leap in life and buy a house. Now you are all probably thingking these people are crazy but buying is actually more sensible then renting due to the low interest rates a d cost of housing in the Georgia Alabama area. During MR.'s 10day block leave we made a spur of the moment decision to drive to Columbus and meet with our Realtor agent to look at some homes. Now when I mean spur of the moment I mean spur of the moment. We literally just took off after I got out from work Wednesday evening and returned Saturday morning. We packed clothes for two days and the dogs all up in the Xtera and took off as though Georgia was around the corner.

We arrived in Columbus around 12pm and couldn't be more excited about the out come of our little road trip. After searching through out the Phenix Alabama area in a brand new sub division we found our new home.

View of our soon to be new block

We are closing in a few weeks and cant wait to see what new adventures are ahead of us. I couldn't be more proud of us. Together we have overcome so many obstacles, grown in to two well rounded adults and grown as a couple as well. Now we are making the first step in our next chapter in our lives.

Well, that was me catching up with you gals as much as I possible could without boring you all. This weekend is the ball and I can't wait to have some time off to enjoy Mr. and our Military issued friends. I promise I will have my daily or weekly updates as much as I possibly can. 4 weeks till the big move the count down has officially begun.

Im going to leave you with a picture of my new toy :)


  1. Good luck at Benning! I actually miss being stationed there!

  2. thanks lady i hear that from a lot of people hope you have a great week