Monday, July 12, 2010

OfF to SeE the WizaRd

As the days come and go it gets closer to the day that he officially leaves for a 15th month deployment. Its crazy i just moved down to Texas and hes already shipping out. A year has come and gone. I've lost friends and I've gained many more. With each week comes a new obstacle which we have to over come. It isn't easy being a wife, and its hard to keep sane when everyone and everything you know is 1000000 miles away. People think fairy tales are impossible, but I can say i have met my prince. He just came in a uniform instead of being on a horse. No one is perfect I found that out the hard way. People put on a show for the world but crumble when things get rough. I had to cut my ties with many due to the fact that I do not like negativity around me. I'm negative enough for the entire world. I think m biggest flaw is that i expect the worst so disappointment will not hit me so hard. My emotions are on my face. I don't like something it shows. Something bothers me it shows. But I can not go with out a smile and pretend that everything I just dandy.