Thursday, July 14, 2011

O bRother

SO I have been home for a little over a week and I can already feel the tension across the board. It seems as though this deployment has taken a humongous toll on everyone and we are all anxiety for it to be over. We had out last town hall meeting last night and I felt like the ugly color crayon at the bottom of the box. I was left at mall earlier in the day without a good bye and I guess the tension was still looming once the meeting started. I have always been honest and I had never sugar coating my feeling but this time I kinda just have to let everything go. Army life sucks once it comes to making friends, deployments, & PCSing. I guess me leaving to NY and coming back leads to another starting over process. Something I have always done since I was a teenager was never consider people friends, just acquaintances due to the fact friendships don't really last when you're a teenager. I guess we are all just back in high school when it comes to living here in the "Hood". So with that said I'm throwing in the towel because these people take to much energy to please.

Other than being stood up and feeling like a fool, I went shopping and bought Mr. some new trends for his first few days back. I got some shorts, tee shirts, and bottom downs and other necessary items. I have still so much to get I feel but a little at a time. Today I had to watch his god son because he was running a fever and daycare sent him home yesterday. I had a blast talking with Mr. on the Skype and had the baby on my lap. He makes him smile, which is always a plus. Other than that today was a lazy day over all. My AC froze so I stood in the bed room where there is a sealing fan most of the day. Before I knew it , it was time to go food shopping and stock up on snacks for Mr.

Now I will sit at this computer looking for a job for the rest of the night. I can not sit home another day I'm about to pull my hair out ads scream. Wish me luck :)

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  1. What?? Who would do that? I'm sorry that happened to you. :( I'm your friend! :) I am excited to see you when I get to Hood! It is a tense time because people are anxious for the end...try to just ignore the negativity and get excited because we've been waiting for this for a year and deserve to be happy and excited!