Friday, September 30, 2011

I want A MArgarita

But Im settling for a glass of wine instead. Well, I gave in my notice today at work. I will no longer work for Verizon as of the 12th, of October. I thought there would be a sense of relief at the end of that sentence but my stress level has just increased. Due to the fact now I have no job. HA I hate that job but I love the outcome. I guess its so bitter sweet. We are coming to a closing here and even my hubby said that he's feeling it. And I quote " today is the last day ill ever see the guys I deployed with twice... I'm stress too". Tears came to my eyes when he said that because I am being selfish about making it seem my feelings are more important than his but in reality he's being more directly effected by the change than I am.
The good thing about today I saw my best friend Brandy for a min at work which was nice now Im sitting her blogging away. I should be getting ready to meet the hubs after hanging out with the boys and getting use out of my new shoes I scored from Victoria Secrets sale

They are definitely a great buy and comfy too PCS move doesn't kill me

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