Monday, June 6, 2011

O Catch Up

Well, over the last few days I have been recuperating from my Texas trip. It took my cousin and I almost 27 hours but we finally made it to good old Fort Hood. We had no sleep for 2 days and we were still going on sat night.

After being into Killeen Texas for about an hour I found out I couldn't get on post because well hey couldn't tell me. I had plans to see a friend for dinner which were completely ruined. So since Austin was out of the question my crimes SAm met us at Texas road house for a quick bit to eat and the play catch up and give her the boys Easter gift.
Cannon With His Easter Gift

On Our way to day care.

The following. Morning we were off to run a few earns and then off to San antonio for the duration of our stay
So we walked around San Antonio's river walk as soon as we got there. It's 4 miles if just beautiful scenery and cute shops. We ate at a Mexican place because I was dying for some Tex Mex and a fruity drink. We spent most of the afternoon looking at a street fair and enjoying the different arts they had on display. After walking around we headed to the pool where the crowed was pumping with music and drinks. All I did was laugh as the stupidity of the other guest but it was definitely needed after a long drive. That night we went back Down to the river walk and ate at Dick's Last Resort, which is a restaurant where the food is served with sarcasm. The food sucked so did the service but I guess that's what u pay for.

The next morning we were off to breakfast and tubbing down the river. Breakfast turned into lunch and rubbing became more like a hike but overall we had fun pulling each other around the water and soaking In the sun. The afternoon wAs tiring but the day wasn't over yet. We quickly went an changed and the we were off to see some o my favorite ladies. Mrs Lynn and mrs Crystal. I couldn't wait see Lynn and the kids and Crystal was a treat. We talked about everything under the sun in about a meals time. It was an awesome end to an awesome trip

Remember I couldn't get on post well after 4 hours of running around and crying I finally got my pass and was able to find out why. Was denied. Let's just say Ft Hood doesn't up date paper work. O well. The weekend was over everything was in storage and I flew back to good old NY.

I had to play catch up at work for missing 2 days then it was time to prepare for the Brooklyn bike tour Aka Tour de Brooklyn. Over 2000 people joined my cousin Cristina and I on an 18 mile tour around Brooklyn in support of new bike lanes. I actually finished the tour with in 2 and a half hours along with some newly made friends. It was definitely an accomplishment and for an awesome cause. I'm looking forward to joining in on many more tours.